Talo as a corporate gift

Surprise your employees, suppliers and/or customers.

The Smartest Present

Many companies usually give a small present to employees, suppliers and/or customers as a sign of appreciation. A bottle of wine, a power bank or an umbrella are usually the standard. Although receiving these types of gifts are nice, think about how nice it would be if your present had a life-long impact.

Talo Smart Plug
Talo smart plug and phone

What is a Smart Plug?

A smart plug is the start of a smart home. You connect the Talo Smart Plug instantly to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can control other devices through the Smart Life app or by voice command. Use Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri to setup custom voice commands. It is also possible to setup an automation that triggers the Talo Smart Plug; to illustrate, you can utilize this function to automatically turn on the lights in the living room and garden when it gets dark.

Why a Smart Plug as a Gift?

Besides the fact that it is unique, you give a present that will have a long-lasting impact. The receiver of the gift will be reminded of your company every time their lights go on. It also shows that your company is creative, caring, and innovative.

control app
Talo Gift Personalized Card

Customize to Your Company

Talo offers customization options to brand the gift as you like:

  • Your logo on the Talo Smart Plug;
  • Customized luxury gift box;
  • A personalized card in the luxury gift box;
  • A fully customized web page to boost your message.

Your Own Web Page

We can create a custom web page for you on our domain. We will put a QR code and a URL link on the personalized card.

  • Place the message that you want;
  • Create the web page in multiple languages;
  • Add a video to make the message even more personal;
own webpage talo smart gift
Talo as Christmas-Gift

Suitable for any Occasion

  • Beginning of the New Year
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Achievement of a Milestone
  • Or Simply as a Sign of Appreciation

Read what Erik says:

Cadeau Perfetti

Within Perfetti van Melle (manufacturer of Mentos, Chupa Chups, Alpenliebe, Fruitella, and many more) we run projects to keep our company up-to-date with future standards and these projects increasingly have a global scope. In one of these global projects, in which we enabled the local businesses to make smarter decisions, and what would be better than to make the life of our project team members smarter as well. In collaboration with Talo Smart Home a beautiful and stylish gift was put together. The box contained 2 smartplugs (with logo and slogan) and a thank-you card with a QR code that brought the receiver to a personalized website. This web site was built in close collaboration with Talo Smart Home and contained own content (like a thank you video) and manuals on how to install and use the plugs. The gifts were received with great enthusiasm and people are finding their own useful applications like controlling a pool or pond pump on time and temperature levels, or to switch an electric blanket remotely via a smartphone or voice command. So in short a great gift that lasts!
    – Erik, IT-Project Manager at Perfetti van Melle

Perfetti van melle logo

Receive Pricing Information

The Talo Smart Plug Gift Set is available from € 13.16*. As it is used as a present, we do not display any prices on this page. However, we are happy to send them to you. Please fill in your contact details below, and you will receive further information from us.

* Price is based on a one-pack gift box, ordered at a quantity of 10,000 units. Price is excluding VAT and shipment charges. Price is subject to change.

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