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An app on your phone for your smart plugs, another app for your smart vacuum cleaner, and another app for your smart thermostat. Is that really smart? We don’t think so. If you want to make a really smart home, you want to do it in one app. One app…

  • In which you have all your smart devices so that your phone is not full of different apps.
  • In which all smart products work together to create a cohesive home.
  • That you can easily share with the rest of your family so that they can also operate all smart products when you are not at home.
  • That has an integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so that you can control your smart devices with speech.

The solution to that? The Smart Life App. What exactly is the Smart Life app, and what can the Smart Life App do? You can read it here.

About the Smart Life App:

The Smart Life app was developed by parent company Tuya Smart. Today, they have already helped more than 180,000 customers create a smart home. They connect more than 90,000 different products with the Smart Life app and they are active in more than 190 countries. Because they only focus on the app, and not on the production of smart products, you get the best combination: a great app because Tuya’s focus is entirely on connecting smart products in one app, and very good products because the producers (such as Talo) focus on developing the best product. The Smart Life app is free to download from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.

Tuya logo

Visit Tuya’s website.

What can the Smart Life app do?

The Smart Life app has many functions, as seen below.

Control Everywhere.

With the Smart Life app you can control your smart devices remotely through your smartphone. Whether you are in a different room, at work, or on the other side of the world, you can easily operate your smart products via the wireless connection. Imagine you are just in bed and you forgot to turn off the lights in the living room. No problem! Grab your phone, and turn off the lights. If you have to work overtime, you obviously do not want your pet to be hungry. Open the app and make sure your dog or cat gets their food. That is the convenience of Smart Life.

Control Different Devices in One App.

Whether it is a smart plug, a smart camera, a smart vacuum cleaner, or a smart kettle, you can connect all products that work with the Smart Life app in one app. All Talo products work with the Smart Life app, but also products that are not our brand work with this app.

Setup Voice Commands.

Many Smart Life products have an integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. This means that you can operate the devices by means of voice commands. You no longer even have to pick up your phone to operate your smart devices. Ask Google, Alexa or Siri to turn on the lights, and before you know it all lights are on while you’re still sitting on the couch.

“Products are easy to link with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and Cortana.”

Family Sharing.

Easily share your smart devices with your family members so that they can also operate them. It is also possible to assign different roles to different family members, so that they do not mess around with the settings, for example, but can use the devices.


Receive notifications as soon as something happens to one of your devices. Does your camera see movement? Then you can set that you receive a notification on your phone, so you can immediately see what happens. Or if the pet feeder runs out of food, the Smart Life app ensures that you are notified before it is completely empty. This way you stay informed about everything that is happening and you can be confident that your house is safe.


With automations you can ensure that actions are performed without you having to do anything. It is then not necessary to open the app, or give a voice command yourself to have an action performed. There are many possibilities with automations. For example, it is possible to automatically switch on the smart plug based on sunlight. About half an hour before the sun goes down and it gets dark, the lamps will turn on automatically. But much more is possible. For example, you can set automations based on temperature (if it is warmer than 20 degrees, then …), based on your location (if you leave home, then …), and based on an observation of another smart device (if the camera sees movement, then …).

Talo Smart Home Lights

Manual: Lights on when it gets dark.

Group Devices.

Link all smart devices in a group. For example, you can create a group for all appliances in the living room, a group for the garden, and a group for the kitchen. This way you can easily operate all devices that fall into the same group with one easy click.

Time Switch.

Depending on the type of device, you can set this device to turn on or off at a specific time. For example, you can set the lamps to switch off automatically after 11:00 PM.


Somewhat different from a time switch, because with a timer you ensure that, for example, your smart plug goes out after a certain period. Now you no longer have to keep an eye on the clock, but you are assured that your device will switch off or on after a certain period of time.

Energy Meter.

Some products (for example our Talo Smart Plug) have a built-in energy meter. This way you know exactly how many Watts, Volts, and Amps go through the plug. You can see this data in the Smart Life app so that you get an idea of how much energy certain devices consume.

The Talo Smart Plug is equipped with an energy meter, so you know exactly what the power consumption is.

Cloud Storage.

Smart devices that record images or videos, such as cameras and smart doorbells, can store the images directly in the Cloud. Therefore, you don’t need an SD card and you can view your images from any location. You can purchase a Cloud subscription in the app and the footage are securely stored on an Amazon server.


The Smart Life app is one of the best apps for your smart home. You can connect a lot of smart devices in one app and there are endless possibilities. From setting up automations to sharing with your family, and from cloud storage to setting up voice commands, everything is possible in the Smart Life app. All Talo Smart Home products work with the Smart Life app.

Check them out below:

All Talo Smart Home’s products.

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