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Many companies give “standard” promotional gifts to their customers, suppliers or employees. Think about a bottle of red wine, an umbrella or a power bank with your logo on it. Of course, it is nice to make people happy with a little give away so that they think of you. But did you ever think about what happens to these promotional gifts after you give them away? They are all gifts that give a relatively short impression to the recipient. In fact, wouldn’t you prefer to leave a deep and long-lasting impression to really surprise the recipient? The Smartest Present offers a great possibility to bring your promotional gifts to a whole other level.

A smart plug as a promotional gift.

Smart products are becoming increasingly more popular. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone that has completely changed our lives in recent years. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, more and more people are starting to get a smart home; also known as the “home of the future”. How nice would it be if your company can contribute by making the home of the recipient just a little smarter?

Talo smart plug and phone

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What will my company show?

As a company you show that you think outside of the box. It is not a standard promotional gift, but rather something that is different than the status quo. Giving a smart business gift shows that you are creative, committed and above all, innovative. We receive many positive responses from both the recipients and the givers of the gifts. They indicated that such a smart promotional gift is stimulating and surprising. In addition, the receiver of the smart plug(s) will think of your company every day if, for example, his/her lights automatically turn on when it gets dark.

How much does the smartest present cost?

A promotional gift usually shouldn’t cost too much. We understand that! With us, the price is based on the number of smart plugs you want to give and the customization options. That is why it is difficult to write one price down, and therefore it is better to contact us. We can advise you and together come up with a nice price that fits your budget. To give you an idea about the price, our Talo Smart Plug is available from €13.16 per promotional gift. This price is based on a gift box with one smart plug at an order quantity of 10,000 units. The price does not include VAT and shipping costs.


Do you also want to leave a unique impression with your relations? Then contact us today for the possibilities to have a nice business gift made for your company! Send an email to or go to The Smartest Present for more information.

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