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Maybe you have seen a warning that all smart products only work with a 2.4 GHz signal. In this article, we explain the difference between a 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz signal and what you can do when you have connections issues with this.

What is GHz and why are there two frequencies?

GHz is short for GigaHertz and describes the frequency (also called wavelength) of a given signal. The Wi-Fi router that you have at home sends out a Wi-Fi signal at a certain frequency. When you connect mobile phones, your television, or other smart products to your Wi-Fi, you make a connection with the wavelength of the router.

Today, there are two frequencies on which Wi-Fi routers can transmit signals: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Both signals have different wavelengths. Most devices work with a 2.4 GHz signal and it is, therefore, possible that this signal becomes “overloaded”. That is why many modern routers nowadays also transmit a more stable 5 GHz signal. This signal has a shorter range but is usually faster. This is useful when you want fast internet with your phone or laptop. However, not all devices can connect to this network. Smart products, for example, are not suitable for connecting to a 5 GHz network. That is why you often see the warning with the product that it is only compatible with a 2.4 GHz network.

I have a 5 GHz signal, what can I do to connect my smart products?

All smart products, despite the brand, only work with a 2.4 GHz signal. If your router sends out a 5 GHz signal, you probably get issues with connecting, as your smart device is only able to pick up the 2.4 GHz signal. Luckily, it is always possible to change the router to a 2.4 GHz signal if you have issues with connecting. You may have to change a few settings with your router to change the wavelength of the signal. How you do this differs per router. Usually, your internet provider has information on their website with instructions on how to change this. If it is unclear how you can change this, our support team is ready to help you out.

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