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Many companies are negatively affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Employees working from home, meetings canceled, and an overloaded customer service team are not unusual during this pandemic. Many companies are struggling with keeping their employees motivated and positive.

In order to help the society during times like these, we offer all companies that are negatively affected by the corona virus outbreak a 20% discount* on order until April 30, 2020.

The Smartest Present:

The smartest present contains of one or more smart plugs in a luxury gift box and many personalisation possibilities. Smart plugs are becoming increasingly more popular. Read the post “What is a Smart Plug?” to read more about the functions and application possibilities.

The Smartest Present is a great way to keep employees motivated during these difficult times. Not only does it show that your company is caring and innovative, it also demonstrates that during difficult times, your company is there for its employees.

Post: What is a Smart Plug?

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Send an email to or go to The Smartest Present for more information.


* = Valid for companies that are negatively affected by the corona virus pandemic. Discount is valid on orders until April 30, 2020. MOQ = 100 plugs; while stock lasts.

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