Talo Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder


    ✅ Control Your Smart Pet Feeder From Anywhere: The Talo automatic cat feeder is here to take all the fuss out of feeding your furry friend. Pair our WiFi pet feeder with the Smart Life-app and manage every function from your smartphone.
    ✅ Keep Your Pet Fed & Happy: Our automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs will allow you to set feeding schedules, view the feeding history, set your desired portion size, and enable instant feeding – no matter where you are!
    ✅ User-Friendly & Convenient Auto Pet Feeder: Set up your pet automatic feeder in seconds and keep track of your pet’s feeding schedule via push notifications. Ideal for dog, cat or small pet owners who are looking for smart pet supplies.

    60 in stock (can be backordered)

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