Talo Smart Pet Feeder

Keep your pet on the perfect diet.

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Talo Smart Pet Feeder App

Smart Feeding.

  • Create a feeding plan in the app.
  • Receive a notification when the food is running low or when a feeding was missed.
  • Review at the historical data to see the feeding pattern of your beloved pet.
  • Dispense an express feeding with one click.

Large Capacity Feeding Tank.

  • 3.7 liter capacity.
  • Suitable for cats, and small to medium sized dogs.
  • Never worry about feeding your pet again.

Only works with dry pet food with a maximum diameter of 1.5 cm.

Talo Smart Pet Feeder Capacity
Talo Smart Pet Feeder Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean.

  • ABS materials with smooth finishing facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Simply remove and clean the eating bowl and food tank when dirty.
  • Eating bowl and food tank are suitable for the dishwasher.

Power Bank Slot.

  • Power bank slot to make sure the device also works during power outages.
  • Place the pet feeder anywhere; you won’t need a power outlet close by.
  • Invisible slot, so you won’t see the power bank.
Low on Food

Smart Sensors.

  • Two smart sensors actively measure the food quantity in the food tank.
  • Once food is running low, or a feeding was missed, you will be notified directly.
  • When food is low, a red LED light on the machine will start blinking and you will receive a notification directly on your phone.

Triple Anti-Jam Design.

Makes the pet feeder more reliable and nearly
eliminates the chances of
missing a feeding.

1. Reverse Rotation System.
2. Low distance Impeller.
3. High Torque Motor.

The Talo Smart Pet Feeder in 3D.

Cat with Talo Pet Feeder
Talo Pet Feeder Close up
Cat eating from Talo Smart Pet Feeder



Storage capacity 3.7 liter
Minimum feeding portion 10 grams
Connect 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network

Size & Weight:

Dimensions 246 x 230 x 352 mm
Weight 2 KG
Talo Smart Pet Feeder Dimensions

Buttons & LEDs:

1 = Lid release button
2 = Manual feed button
a = Food status LED
b = Wi-Fi status LED
Talo Smart Pet Feeder Specification

What’s All Included?

  • Talo Smart Pet Feeder- The most important element of the whole package.
  • Eating Bowl
  • Power Adapter and Cable
  • Smart Life App – The most powerful app for your smart home.
  • Online Manual – From downloading the app to setting up your first automation.
  • Unique 4-Year Warranty – With a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Product Support – Whenever you need it, we’ll be there to help.


All the information you need to install the Talo Smart Pet Feeder.

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We are so confident in our products, that we promise a unique 4-year warranty.

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Talo Smart Pet Feeder Small

Talo Smart Pet Feeder

Talo Smart Pet Feeder Bowl


Talo Smart Pet Feeder Power Plug

Power adapter

Talo Smart Pet Feeder Cable

Micro USB charging cable (1.2 meters)

Packaging Talo Pet Feeder