Talo Smart Plug

The start of your smart home.

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Talo Smart Plug

Smart Plug

  • Make normal electrical devices smart with this plug.
  • Fits perfectly anywhere due to its slim and compact design.
  • Built-in energy monitor for accurate power consumption tracking.

Hi Siri, turn the lights on.


Google Assistant Compatible
Amazon Alexa Compatible
IFTTT Compatible

Make custom voice commands and use your smartphone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa to perform actions.

Smart Life App

You control the Talo Smart Plug with the Smart Life App. This well known app combines all smart devices into one app. No need for technical knowledge or difficult installation steps for adding your smart device; simply make a connection with your own Wi-Fi network, and connect your smart products in three easy steps to make your life smarter.

The Smart Life app is available in many languages. Since the app supports so many smart products, you can make your life truly smart, by connecting all these devices into one app for your smart home.

More info about the app
Smart Life App Home Screen

Built-in Power Monitor

  • See the real-time power consumption, voltage and power current.
  • Compare power consumption over months and see trends easily.
  • Setup an automation based on power consumption.

For example, to enhance your TV experience, the lights automatically turn off when the TV power exceeds 20 Watts.



Plug type Type B, Type C/E/F, Type G
Maximum power 2300 Watts
Electric current 10 Ampere
Voltage 110-240 Volt
Connect 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network
Plug EU

Type C/E/F

Used in: EU, RUS.

Plug US

Type B

Used in: USA, CAN, MEX, JAP.

Plug UK

Type G

Used in: GBR, IRL, MLT, MAS & SIN.

Size & Weight:

Dimensions 65 x 43 x 43 mm
Weight 95 grams
Talo Smart Plug Size

Buttons & LEDs:

1 = On/Off button
1 = Reset button (5 sec)
Talo Smart Plug Outline

What’s All Included?

  • Talo Smart Plug – The most important element of the whole package.
  • Smart Life App – The most powerful app for your smart home.
  • Online Manual – From downloading the app to setting up your first automation.
  • Unique 4-Year Warranty – With a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Product Support – Whenever you need it, we’ll be there to help.


All the information you need to install the Talo Smart Plug

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We are so confident in our products, that we promise a unique 4-year warranty.

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