Talo Smart Security Camera

Keep an eye on your house and belongings.

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Hidden Spy Camera
Talo Smart Security Camera

Smart Camera

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Angle View of 150°
  • Infrared Night Vision

Great App Functions

  • Receive a notification when movement is detected.
  • View the screenshot that the camera took when there was movement.
  • Save your footage safely in the cloud; no Micro SD/TF card needed.
  • Playback from your smartphone to see previous footage.
Smart Life App Home Screen
Smart Life App Automations
Smart Life App Add Device Menu
Smart Life App Add Device

Smart Life App

You control the Talo Smart Security Camera with the Smart Life App. This well known app combines all smart devices into one app. No need for technical knowledge or difficult installation steps for adding your smart device; simply make a connection with your own Wi-Fi network, and connect your smart products in three easy steps to make your life smarter.

The Smart Life app is available in many languages. Since the app supports so many smart products, you can make your life truly smart, by connecting all these devices into one app for your smart home.

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Control Wherever You Are

With the mobile app, you can watch over your house, store, car and other belongings. You will be able to see the camera footage, even if you are hundreds of kilometers away from home. This creates a feeling of safety you have never experienced before.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

You can safely store the videos that the camera recorded directly into the Cloud. With Cloud storage, your footage is well protected. If an intruder steals or demolishes the camera, you have all the footage already uploaded into the Cloud; therefore, the evidence will never be lost. In addition, your files will be highly encrypted. We take your privacy seriously.

If you still wish to save the videos on a memory card, the camera has a Micro SD Card Slot that supports a card up to 164 GB.

Keep in mind. You will need a Cloud subscription in order to use Cloud storage function. This is available from USD $4.49 per month or USD $44.99 annually.

Infrared Night Vision

  • 4 infrared LEDs create a clear sight when it is dark.
  • Camera switches automatically between day and night vision.
  • 10 meter clear night vision.



Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080p)
Angle 150°
Megapixel 2 MP
Infrared 4 LEDs, 10 meter reach
Sensor CMOS
Frames Per Second 25
Connect 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network

Size & Weight:

Dimensions 33 x 33 x 33 mm
Weight 95 grams
Smart Camera Dimensions

Buttons & Ports:

1 = On/off button
2 = Reset button (5 sec)
A = Micro SD card slot
B = Micro USB charging port
C = Microphone
Talo Smart Security Camera buttons

What’s All Included?

  • Talo Smart Security Camera – The most important element of the whole package.
  • Plug and charging cord – So you can charge the battery.
  • Magnetic Holder – Gives the ability to place the camera anywhere.
  • Smart Life App – The most powerful app for your smart home.
  • Online Manual – From downloading the app to setting up your first automation.
  • Unique 4-Year Warranty – With a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Product Support – Whenever you need it, we’ll be there to help.


All the information you need to install the Talo Smart Security Camera.

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We are so confident in our products, that we promise a unique 4-year warranty.

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