About the App

Combine all your smart devices into one app.

Smart Life App

You control all Talo Smart Products with the Smart Life App. This well-known app combines all smart devices into one app. There is no need for technical knowledge or difficult installation steps for adding your smart device; simply make a connection to your own Wi-Fi network, and connect your smart products in three easy steps to make your life smarter.

The Smart Life app is available in many languages. Since the app supports so many smart products, you can make your life truly smart by connecting all these devices into one app for your smart home.

Smart Life App Home Screen

Advantages of the App

  • Control your smart devices wherever you are;
  • Easily add various devices within the same app – From smart plugs to smart refrigerators, the Smart Life app supports it all;
  • Use custom voice commands through Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri to control your smart devices;
  • The app connects automatically to the local timezone, and it retrieves information regarding local weather, sunrise time, and your location;
  • Share your smart devices with your family, so everybody in your house can control the smart products;
  • Receive notifications, so you are aware about actions;
  • Always add new smart devices through the same familiar way.

Connect your Devices in Three Easy Steps

1. Download the App

The Smart Life app is available in many languages, and you can download it for free in the AppStore or Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app on your mobile phone, you can create a new account or login with an existing account. You can scan the QR code on this page with your mobile phone to install the app directly on your device.

QR Code Talo Smart Life
Smart Life App Add Device

2. Connect your Smart Device with the App

Now you have downloaded the app and created your account, it is time to add the first device.

  1. In the upper right corner, you click on the “+” and from the list, you select the product that you want to add.
  2. You connect the smart device with the power and press the reset button until the light on the device starts flashing rapidly.
  3. When the light on the device flashes rapidly, you enter the Wi-Fi credentials.
  4. The app makes a connection between the smart device and your Wi-Fi router. Just wait a few seconds until this configuration is done.
  5. Congratulations, you have added a smart device to the Smart Life App. Now you can give a custom name to the device. We recommend you to give it an easy and recognizable name, as you will also use this name to control the device with speech through Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

3. Set up an Automation

In order to make your life truly smart, you can create an automation in the app. You can make multiple scenarios that trigger an action when a condition is met. To illustrate, set up an automation with the condition “sunset” and the trigger “activate smart plugs” in order to turn on the lights automatically when it gets dark. Of course, there are many more possibilities in which you can automate using the Smart Life app.

Smart Life App Automations

What can you do in the Smart Life App.

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