10% Cashback

Get money back for your Talo device!

Cashback deal.

We are super enthusiastic about our products, and we hope you do too! Our goal is to make as many households as possible really smart, but we cannot do this alone. We need you for that. If you are just as enthusiastic as us, recommend our products to colleagues, friends, and family members. If you tell someone about our products and they also buy a Talo product, you will get 10% back of the purchase price! Read more about our cashback promotion on this page.

How can I get the cashback?

Send an email to cashback@talosmarthome.com, containing the following:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your personal reference code (you receive this when you are a member of the Talo Smart Home Community).
  • Official invoice from your order.
  • Official invoice from the person who placed an order on your recommendation.
  • Your IBAN account number.

As soon as we have checked your details and you meet all the conditions, we will contact you and transfer 10% of the purchase amount within 14 days.

For members only.

Our cashback is exclusively available for members of the Talo Smart Home Community. Not a member yet? Sign up now, it’s free!


Of course, just as with any other promotion, a number of conditions apply. We have listed these for you as clearly as possible below.

  • Invoice must be in your name.
  • The invoice of the person who placed an order on your recommendation is not in your name or address.
  • Both invoices must contain the following information: name of the seller, product, price, date, name of the buyer.
  • You are a member of the Talo Smart Home Community.
  • Valid only on Talo products.
  • The products were purchased through one of Talo’s official sales channels.
  • Any shipping costs or other costs paid are not included in the 10% cashback.
  • You can only claim your cashback benefit once per Talo product (regardless of the quantity).
  • You have an IBAN account number.
  • The cashback amount is transferred in euros (EUR). Talo is not responsible for adverse exchange rate changes, transaction fees or other costs arising from the payout.
  • The purchase amount is minimal €20.00 (including VAT/GST/Sales Tax).
  • 10% cashback benefit is calculated on the item with the lowest sales value. Example: you buy a Talo item worth €100 and you recommend our products. A friend buys a Talo item worth €50 then your cashback benefit will be calculated over €50.
  • Employees of Talo who are involved in this promotion and third parties engaged by Talo are excluded from participation.
  • Talo reserves the right to change the conditions relating to this cashback at any time.
  • Talo, the auxiliary persons or third parties engaged by it cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from this promotion.
  • Talo reserves the right to reject submissions without reason, to exclude participants from participation, or to terminate, interrupt or change the promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice and/or change the program if the circumstances require it. If the promotional conditions do not provide, Talo decides.