Meet the Pet Feeder
Meet the Talo Smart Pet Feeder
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1 = Lid 6 = Food outlet
2 = Lid release key 7 = Bowl
3 = Wi-Fi indicator LED 8 = Power bank slot (175 x 70 x 30 mm)
4 = Food status LED 9 = Micro USB input
5 = Manual feeding button (Short press: Express feeding, Long press: Factory reset )

Lid release key
Wi-Fi indicator LED
Food status LED
Manual feeding button Short press: Express feeding Long press: Factory reset
Food outlet
Power bank slot (175 x 70 x 30 mm)
Micro USB input

LED Status
LED Status:

1 Blinking = Wi-Fi pairing mode 2 Off = Food is more than 20% full 2 Fast blinking red = Food is less than 20% full 2 Steady red = Out of food

Prepare Pet Feeder
Prepare the Pet Feeder

Power: Connect the Pet Feeder with the Micro USB cable and the adapter to the power outlet.
Bowl: Slide the bowl in the feeder's outlet.
Open lid: Open the lid by pressing the release button.
Fill: Pour dry pet food into the hopper and fill it.

Only use DRY pet food.
Close lid: Press the lid down to close it.
Manual feeding: Shortly press the manual feeding button to feed instantly. The default quantity is one portion, this can later be changed within the app.

1. Install the app
1. Download the Smart Life app.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone. Follow the instructions in the app to create your account.

If you verify your Smart Life account through email, your verification code may be in your spam folder.

2. Home Management
2. Home Management

Click in the bottom right corner on “Me”. Click now on “Home Management”. Enter your Home Name and select the Location of your house (used for information such as local weather and time). Possible to set up different rooms (also possible to setup later).

Rooms are used for voice control actions. For example, you can ask your Google Home to turn on the lights in the Kitchen.

3. Pet Feeder
3. Connect the Pet Feeder with the App

Click on "Home" in the bottom left corner.
Press the blue "+" in the top right corner.
Select "Small Home Appliances". Scroll down and select "Pet Feeder".

4. Reset the pet feeder
4. Reset the Pet Feeder

Reset the Pet Feeder by keeping the Manual Feeding button pressed for at least 10 seconds. The LED light should start flashing quickly. If the light starts flashing slowly, hold the reset button pressed for again 10 seconds, until the light is flashing rapidly. Once the LED flashes rapidly, you press "Next step"

Flashing rapidly = Light flashes 3 times per second. Flashing slowly = Light flashes 1 time per 2 seconds.

GIF Smart Life App Reset
5. WIFI Settings
5. Enter Wi-Fi credentials

Enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Press "Confirm" to go to the next screen.

Attention! All smart products (regardless the brand) can only connect with a 2.4 GHz network. If you have a 5 GHz network, it is always possible to change this to a 2.4 GHz network. Contact your internet provider on how to change this. If you have trouble with connecting, please contact us.

6. Final step
6. Connecting...

Wait until the smart Pet Feeder connects with the app. Once connected, you can change the name of the device and allocate it to a room. Congratulations, you have successfully connected the Talo Smart Pet Feeder to the Smart Life App.

Can't connect the Pet Feeder? That is probably because the Pet Feeder was not reset properly, or you are trying to connect it with a 5 GHz network. Make sure the light flashes rapidly, and contact your internet provider to find out if you are on a 2.4 GHz network.

App settings
Within the app, you can do the following:

Express feed to give your pet some extra food (also possible with the button on the pet feeder).
Change the default quantity of the express/manual feed.
View the feeding record.
Enable or disable feedings from the feeding schedule.
Create an automatic feeding schedule.

Additionally, you will get updates about the feeding status. You will receive a notification when: the feeding was successful, the food is almost running out, the pet feeder is completely out of food, and/or when a feeding was missed. With these notifications, you will never miss an important detail about your pet's diet.

Smart Sensor
Smart Sensors:

The pet feeder has two sensors. One to measure the food that is left in the tank, and the other one to register if the food came through. When the food is running low, you will receive a notification on your phone to indicate that it is time to refill the machine. Also when food was dispensed as setup, you can receive a notification, so you can rest assured that your pet has his/her food.

Placing the pet feeder in direct sunlight could cause disruption with the sensor. As a result, you could receive notifications on your phone that a feeding was missed, whereas in reality the feeding was successful. Therefore, we always recommend to make sure that sunlight cannot shine directly into the feeding machine. Not placing the pet feeder in direct sunlight is also better for your pet's food quality.

Low on Food

Open the lid and take the food tank out of the Pet Feeder.
The bowl can be removed for cleaning too.

Both the bowl and food tank are dishwasher proof. Clean the outside of the device using a soft, damp cloth.

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      How easy or difficult was it for you to install the device?

      Would you prefer an online manual over a paper one?

      What could we improve?

      What is your email? This field is optional. Use it only if you want us to contact you.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Talo Pet Feeder:

      You can set as many different moments as you want. You can set these feeding times on different days, for example only on Mondays, only on Monday to Friday, only on weekends, all week, or just once and no more. In short, there are enough options for your pet.

      Click on "+" to add a new feed time, or edit an existing feed time by clicking on the time. Click "repeat" and select all days of the week. Save the settings and from now on the feeding time will repeat every day.

      There are two infrared sensors in the pet feeder. They measure if there is enough food in the tank and whether the food came out successfully. If the pet feeder is located in a sunny environment (next to the window for example), then it could be that the infrared sensor may not be interrupted because the sunlight is shining in the sensor. As a result, the pet feeder will send a notification to your phone that no food was dispensed.

      We recommend that you place the pet feeder in such a way that it is impossible for direct sunlight to shine in the feeding machine. That is also better for your pet's food.

      You can set a minimum of 1 serving and a maximum of 12 servings. Each serving contains about 10 grams.

      The Talo Smart Automatic Feeder is only suitable for dry food. If you often feed your pet wet food, it will not be suitable. We also recommend that you have a maximum chunk diameter of 1.5 cm. This way you are assured that the automatic feeder will always work properly. Not sure if your chunks are suitable? Send us a message with the type of feed and we will help you further.


      Read this page carefully before use.

      • This product is only suitable for DRY FOOD. Be aware that using WET FOOD is prohibited.
      • Children should be closely supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.
      • Do not let the power cord hang over the edge of the table or counter and make sure it does not touch hot any surfaces.
      • To prevent pets from knocking over the pet feeder, it is advisable to place the pet feeder in the corner or against the wall.
      • Protect the electricity cable well to prevent your pet from biting the cable and causing a dangerous situation, such as an electric shock.
      • Protect the power cord and avoid contact with water or other liquids.
      • Read the manual carefully before use. Keep the manual for future reference.
      • To reduce the risk of electric shock, this product should only be opened by a Talo authorized technician when service is required.
      • Only use the device for its intended purposes. Do not use the device for other purposes than described on this page.
      • Do not use the device if any part is damaged or defective. If the device is damaged or defective, replace the device immediately.
      • The device is suitable for indoor use only. Do not use the device outdoors.

      Cleaning & Maintenance

      • The bowl and food tank can be removed for cleaning. These parts can be put in the dishwasher.
      • Do not use cleaning solvents or abrasives.
      • Do not clean the inside of the device other than the bowl and the food tank.
      • Clean the outside of the device using a soft, damp cloth.


      Any changes and/or modifications to the product will void the warranty. We cannot accept any liability for damage caused by incorrect use of the product. The terms & conditions relating to the warranty can be found on our Warranty page.


      • The product is designated for separate collection at an appropriate collection point. Do not dispose of the product with household waste.
      • For more information, contact the retailer or the local authority responsible for waste management.


      The product has been manufactured and supplied in compliance with all relevant regulations and directives, valid for all member states of the EU. The product complies with all applicable specifications and regulations in the country of sales. Formal documentation is available upon request.


      If you need further help or have comments or suggestions please visit our Support page.