Fully 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Talo stands for quality, and we believe in our product. That is why every product comes with our excellent 4-year warranty. We want to make sure that everybody is 100% satisfied. The terms and conditions relating to the warranty can be found on this page and are also available upon request. Please contact warranty@talosmarthome.com if you have any questions relating to warranty.

Warranty Process

In the case that you are experiencing challenges or problems with our products, you can submit your claim through this page. We always recommend you to visit our Support Page before contacting us, as it might answer your question already. When you wish to claim your warranty, you can submit your claim by filling in the form on this page.


  1. Fill in the form as detailed as possible. The more information your input contains, the faster we can approve the claim.
  2. Upload the purchase document, such as the invoice.
  3. Once you have completed the form, send the warranty claim by pressing the “Send” button.
  4. A Talo representative will reach out to you within three business days, and will either approve your claim, request more information, or decline your claim.
  5. Once your claim has been approved, you will either receive a new product or you will get your money back.

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    Terms & Conditions Warranty

    1. The guarantee is provided by Talo Smart Home (hereinafter “Supplier”).
    2. The Supplier is responsible for equipment malfunction resulting from physical defects (manufacturing or material) of the Device for 48 months from the date of its purchasing.
    3. During the Guarantee period, the Supplier shall remove any defects, free of charge, by repairing or replacing (at the sole discretion of the Supplier) any defective components of the Device with new or regenerated components, that are free of defects. When the repair impossible, the Supplier reserves the right to replace the device with a new or regenerated one, which shall be free of any defects and its condition shall not be worse than the original device owned by the Customer.
    4. In special cases, when the device cannot be replaced with the device of the same type (e.g. the device is no longer available in the commercial offer), the Supplier may replace it with a different device having technical parameters similar to the faulty one. Such activity shall be considered as fulfilling the obligations of the Supplier. The Supplier shall not refund money paid for the device.
    5. The holder of a valid guarantee shall submit a guarantee claim through the guarantee service. Remember: before you submit a guarantee claim, contact our technical support using telephone or e-mail. More than 50% of operational problems is resolved remotely, saving time and money spent to initiating guarantee procedure. If remote support is insufficient, the Customer shall fill the guarantee claim form (using our website – www.talosmarthome.com) in order to obtain claim authorization. When the guarantee claim form is submitted correctly, the Customer shall receive the claim confirmation with an unique number (Return Merchandise Authorization -RMA).
    6. The claim may be also submitted by telephone. In this case, the call is recorded and the Customer shall be informed about it by a consultant before submitting the claim. Immediately after submitting the claim, the consultant shall provide the Customer with the claim number (RMA-number).
    7. When the guarantee claim form is submitted correctly, a representative of the Authorised Guarantee Service (hereinafter as “AGS”) shall contact the Customer.
    8. Defects revealed within the guarantee period shall be removed not later than 30 days from the date of delivering the Device to AGS. The guarantee period shall be extended by the time in which the Device was kept by AGS.
    9. The faulty device shall be provided by the Customer with complete standard equipment and documents proving its purchase.
    10. Parts replaced under the guarantee are the property of the Supplier. The guarantee for all parts replaced in the guarantee process shall be equal to the guarantee period of the original device. The guarantee period of the replaced part shall not be extended.
    11. Costs of delivering the faulty device shall be borne by the Customer. For unjustified service calls, the Service may charge the Customer with travel expenses and handling costs related to the case.
    12. AGS shall not accept a complaint claim only when:
      • the Device was misused or the manual was not observed,
      • the Device was provided by the Customer incomplete, without accessories or nameplate,
      • it was determined that the fault was caused by other reasons than a material or manufacturing defect of the Device,
      • the guarantee document is not valid or there is no proof of purchase.
    13. The Supplier shall not be liable for damages to property caused by defective device. The Manufacturer shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or for any damages, including, inter alia, loss of profits, savings, data, loss of benefits, claims by third parties and any property damage or personal injuries arising from or related to the use of the Device.
    14. The guarantee shall not cover:
      • mechanical damages (cracks, fractures, cuts, abrasions, physical deformations caused by impact, falling or dropping the device or other object, improper use or not observing the operating manual);
      • damages resulting from external causes, e.g.: flood, storm, fire, lightning, natural disasters, earthquakes, war, civil disturbance, force majeure, unforeseen accidents, theft, water damage, liquid leakage, battery spill, weather conditions, sunlight, sand, moisture, high or low temperature, air pollution;
      • damages caused by malfunctioning software, attack of a computer virus, or by failure to update the software as recommended by the Supplier;
      • damages resulting from: surges in the power and/or telecommunication network, improper connection to the grid in a manner inconsistent with the operating manual, or from connecting other devices not recommended by the Supplier;
      • damages caused by operating or storing the device in extremely adverse conditions, i.e. high humidity, dust, too low (freezing) or too high ambient temperature. Detailed permissible conditions for operating the Device are defined in the operating manual;
      • damages caused by using accessories not recommended by the Supplier;
      • damages caused by faulty electrical installation of the Customer, including the use of incorrect fuses;
      • damages caused by Customer’s failure to provide maintenance and servicing activities defined in the operating manual;
      • damages resulting from the use of spurious spare parts or accessories improper for given model, repairing and introducing alterations by unauthorized persons;
      • defects caused by operating faulty Device or accessories.
    15. The scope of the guarantee repairs shall not include periodic maintenance and inspections, in particular cleaning, adjustments, operational checks, correction of errors or parameter programming and other activities that should be performed by the user (Buyer). The guarantee shall not cover natural wear and tear of the Device and its components listed in the operating manual and in technical documentation as such elements have a defined operational life.
    16. If a defect is not covered by the guarantee, the Supplier reserves the right to remove such defect at its sole discretion, repairing the damaged or destroyed parts or providing components necessary for repair or replacement.
    17. This guarantee shall not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer rights when the provided product is inconsistent with the purchase agreement.

      Do you have questions about warranty? Contact us on warranty@talosmarthome.com.